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Sami Jo's Writings

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

9:20PM - Lazy

Yeah, I am to lazy to even write down a few problems for ENGLISH that I typed them instead. I dont know why, I would have finished faster if I would have just wrote it out. But no, I wanted to type so I did my homework that is supposed to be hand written on the computer.

I am also to lazy to upload a icon for my name. But I really dont think that they are that important. They really only give you one more thing to do. So why put them up. I wouldn't even change it. Instead you would see the same picture over and over and sooner or later it would get really boring.

Current mood: annoyed

Monday, October 20, 2003

1:37PM - Bored

OK, so the cat is out and the mice will play.

Yep. I am in class doing this. My teacher left us with some sub and what do we do, we do things we are not supposed to do. Yeah we will get in trouble. But we do not care. Nope we are going to have fun while she is not here. And this is like one of the only sites I know of that does not have a block on it. So I decided to type for a while and look busy. Even though I am supposed to be taking notes. Well to me this looks like a note. Dont you think.

Yeah, this is really boreing now. No one is talking and the guy who sits in front of me likes to fish with my mouse for my hand. I dont think it is very funny. But he seems to think it is. Oh well, I just wont use my mouse until nesecarry.

Then I have to listen to the person's music who sits next to me because he is so deaf and it is soo loud. I am having so much fun right now.

I cant think of anything else to write. I will try to update some when I get home but until then....Class is almost over....YEA!!!

See Ya'll laterz

Current mood: bored

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

7:08PM - Hola

OK, I know opening in Spanish. I hate the class but I love to take it. It is so much fun and interesting to take. Like today, we had a test and the guy who sits next to me totally cheated off of me while I was cheating of the spanish speaking guy next to me. So we both passed even though we totally did not do our own work.

It does not surprise me that we did. We always do stuff like that. We hate learning everything about the class because you are required to take it. But it is fun because it is not your main course which is worth more GPA points.

I have to many blow-off courses this year. IT is my last year at my school and I filled my schedule so that I can spend time with my friends. Like I Dance, Debate, BCIS, and Multimedia. None of those classes are needed leaving me with 3 classes that I need. But I have to be there at least 4 periods and that would mean have a total schedule change and tooo much work. So I am not going to do that.

Current mood: thirsty